Autumn in Toronto


Autumn in Toronto

Life in Canada

Lake Ontario, Toronto, ON / Photo by SylwiaCam

Comes late but with full power. Summer in 2021 lasted long. September and October looked a lot like summer. For a second both looked a bit like autumn but with a lot of green all over. Finally in November temperature started to drastically change. Because after 20°C in September and 5°C in October. This year (2022) autumn came in October, was quite pleasant and not as much rain as for the autumn time. In November though, thick fog took over.

Green, green … and all of a sudden, nothing.

Autumn works like that: most of the time leaves are still green, temperature is warm enough for some Canadians to wear only shorts and t-shirts. But if you’re not used to this climate then always carry some sweater or hoodie with you. With time leaves start to change colours gradually. Then the end of the autumn comes and the wind blows, starts to rain. As short as 2 days is enough for most of the leaves to fall and leave the fluffy trees completely empty and sad.

Autumn temperatures

In October temperature varies within 15°C to 5°C. However in November 10°C to 0°C. It is good to consider buying a winter jacket. I add that it’s better to buy jacket and other winter accessories in Canada because those things are made bit differently here and better adjusted to Canadian weather conditions. In Poland or other European countries we would have to look for similar winter clothes in sport stores. 

Toronto, ON / Photo by SylwiaCam

Which store got good winter stuff?

To start with I would choose Winners, store very similar to European TK Max – store with the end of the series of well-known brands. I found my first Canadian winter jacket there. Other option might be Walmart – where we can find everything or other stores. But I will write more about shopping in Canada in another article.

Daylight Saving Time

First Sunday in November is daylight saving time in Canada. It is always a few days after Poland. It’s good to use those few extra days for chats with family or friends overseas since time difference between Poland and Toronto is 5h instead of 6h. It’s only an hour but can make a difference.

Toronto, ON / Photo by SylwiaCam

Then it only gets colder and darker…

The next days is just waiting for the first snow and winter. Days are shorter, temperature lower, and walks along the lake are becoming impossible. Strong wind makes low temperatures feel even colder. Every season though has its own charms…

Written by Sylwia S.

Toronto, ON / Photo by SylwiaCam

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