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Photo by SylwiaCam

Castle 365 – Krzyżtopór

[…] This impressive construction was built between 1627-1644. It has as many windows as days of the year (365), 4 towers as 4 seasons of the year, 12 halls as 12 months, and as many rooms as weeks (52).

The five arms of the structure reflected: […]

Krakus Mound, Kraków, Poland / Photo by SylwiaCam

Krakus Mound

The mound is shrouded in legends, the exact date of its creation is unknown. It can be assumed that the mound dates back to the 10th century […]

Photo by SylwiaCam

Neogothic in the Heart of Podgórze

The interior is filled with numerous altars and wooden elements. The first thing that attracts our attention is the floor that looks like a chessboard. The main […]