Spring in Toronto


Spring in Toronto

Life in Canada

This year (2022) in Toronto brought rain and heat waves in May and June. Here one day you can get tropical beach weather and the other day snowstorm or heavy rain. 

Fly ball

The first sign of warming is literally the balls of flying midges. They may not be mosquitoes that bite, but midges are very annoying. The huge amount of these insects means that sometimes it is impossible to pass through these balls, insects’ walls. At this point, masks or insect screens come in handy. I have noticed that large amounts of these flies are usually close to water (up to several kilometers).

Red-winged blackbird; Photo by SylwiaCam

Rainbow birds

As soon as it warms up, colorful birds appear in the area. The most numerous appear to be gray-brown birds with an orange-colored belly – American Robin.

Another very contrasting bird found in Toronto is the ’’red mohawk’’, also known as Northern Cardinal. The male is all red, while the female has red elements.

Another color of the rainbow is a yellow bird resembling
a sparrow – American Goldfinch.

The Blue Jay is probably the most famous bird in Toronto, although it is not that common. It also happens to be the mascot of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team.

A common bird in Ontario is the Red-winged blackbird. Males are black with very distinct contrasting red-yellow spots on the wings. Females are brownish, slightly resembling sparrows. It is worth remembering that these birds are very territorial and often attack even people near their nests.
It is best to give them free space.

Photo by SylwiaCam

Tulip City

With the first warm days the city blooms with tulips. From what I have observed so far, the tulip is one of the most common flowers during the spring in Toronto. From very purple, through various shades of pink, to white tulips.
An interesting type is the tulip with “cut”petals.

The City of Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom is the most anticipated moment of spring in Toronto. Probably the most popular place in the city is High Park, where at the beginning of spring some alleys turn into
a pink land. However, it is worth taking into account that the photos shared on Instagram and other portals are photos after editing and cropping. In fact, the cherry tree alleys are crowded with huge numbers of people. There are about 4 people per tree at the same time.

My impressions of the first cherry blossom in the High Park are rather a bit disappointing.

Photo by SylwiaCam
Groundhog; Photo by SylwiaCam

Groundhog Day

As the days and weeks go by, more animals appear in the area. An example of such a furry may be a groundhog that lives in underground tunnels, and in some places you can meet strongly “oblivious”groundhogs. Some of them approach people for delicacies themselves. However, you need to remember about their healthy diet and their safety.

Wild Turtles

In the waters of Lake Ontario and nearby lakes, you can also find turtles that float on the water and bask in the sun on the nearby rocks.

Photo by SylwiaCam

Canada Goose

Canada goose is an inseparable element of the landscape in Canada. These birds usually migrate south during the winter and return to Ontario in the spring. Rather, they became famous as aggressive birds, but it depends on the environment and the place in which they are located. You can hear them often from a distance, they are quite loud when they fly. On sidewalks and parking lots, it is worth paying attention to the traces they leave.

Canada Goose; Photo by SylwiaCam

Written by Sylwia S.

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