Ontario Drivers


Ontario Drivers
A Wild Drive

Life in Canada

How do Canadians drive?

As a European with many years of experience behind the wheel, I will describe my feelings / observations as follows … Drivers in Canada are probably mostly people born / raised outside Canada. Each culture has its own unique characteristics, even when it comes to traffic regulations, driving style, and vehicle condition.

Wild ride

The first impression after observing the roads in Ontario is that most drivers have a very dangerous driving style. The vast majority of drivers do not focus on driving. Drivers often sip coffee, eat, text..

Blinkers, what are they?

Another thing that caught my attention is the frequent lack of use of blinkers. Drivers change lanes as, and when, they want. I would call it arbitrary on the road.


Many cars have darkened windows, including the front windows, which for example is illegal in Poland.

Open doors

It is worth paying attention to while driving through narrow streets because some people (not only drivers, but also passengers) open the door wide without making sure that there is no vehicle approaching. I myself have witnessed such behavior many times.


Canadians don’t know how to use the roundabout. It should be noted, however, that the roundabouts on the Canadian roads are rare.

Toronto, ON / Photo by SylwiaCam

Tape and good to go.

When it comes to the condition of the cars, it also leaves a lot to be desired. An interesting phenomenon for me is taping cars with tape.
Some cars are simply stuck together with duct tape.

Imported driver’s license.

Some nationalities are eligible for legally use the driver’s license from their country of birth. Of course, after completing certain formalities.
I do not need to mention here how confusing it can be for many drivers when different standards of driving meet on the road.

Who’s going first?

In many situations, drivers are unaware of the basic right-of-way rules. This leads to quite awkward, but often dangerous, behavior on the road.

Ambulance STOP!

Marked cars as an ambulance, fire trucks often, if not always, stop at every intersection despite the fact that they are driving with signals. This is due to the lack of trust in other drivers and the lack of knowledge about traffic regulations by other drivers. Personally, I witnessed a situation several times when the car almost hit ambulance going through
an intersection.

I recommend caution on Canadian roads and other roads,
also the principle of limited trust in other drivers.

Written by Sylwia S.

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