Travel Authorization


Travel Authorization


The last 2 years have brought many sudden changes, chaos and unknowns to our lives. Many people have been unemployed, others have too much work. For people working abroad or frequently traveling, the situation has changed dramatically. In this article, I will present the topic of travel to Canada as of today (August 2021). 

For the next month, travel to Canada for recreational purposes (for non essential reasons) will still be banned. The way to get to the Maple Leaf Country is to apply for travel authorization for relatives. 

On the government website, we can find forms that will help us make sure that we are eligible for the exception and can apply for this authorization.

The exceptions are: common in law partners or engaged couples, couples who are not in a formal relationship who are able to document that they are together (exclusive dating relationship).

Screenshot of the government of Canada website
Zrzut ekranu ze strony government of Canada

The Canadian government has finally defined what this means. “Finally”, because at the beginning, when the entry permit came into force, no one knew what an “exclusive dating relationship” was.

Screenshot of the government of Canada website

Travel Authorization step by step.

Step 1, the person you want to travel to must download and complete the authorization form (available on the website )

Step 2, You sign the declaration. You send the signed document back to this person / family member.  

Step 3, the declaration must be re-signed in the presence of a lawyer, notary, official. Of course, this is a paid service. 

Step 4, a copy of the fully signed document must be delivered to you.

Step 5, you can now apply for a written authorization to travel. You must enclose the previously mentioned signed documents with your application; confirmation that the person you want to travel to is a Canadian citizen or resident. It can be a birth certificate, Canadian passport, permanent residence card, certificate of Indian status. Important note, do not book your flight ticket before you get written authorization.

Step 6, the official will contact you within 14 days of submitting the application (by e-mail). The authorization is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. If you do not use the permit on time, you must apply again. 

Step 7, when you receive the permit, remember to have it with you at the airport alongside with: written authorization, valid document and eTA / visa if required for your country of origin.

Screenshot of an e-mail confirming application
Screenshot of the e-mail confirming receiving authorization

As you can see, traveling to Canada is not easy nowadays, contrary to appearances, it has never been. As announced by the Canadian government, the described authorization will be required until the end of August 2021. Time will tell whether these restrictions will return in the fall, or whether travel standards will return to the so-called norm.

Written by Sylwia S.

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