Monika Grzelak

Searching for the available sources of book knowledge about the Land of the Maple Leaf from the perspective of a “traveler”, I found 2 books by Polish authors. One of them is Monika Grzelak’s Kanadiana published in 2020. Taking advantage of the extra time in the pandemic era, I decided to take a look at it. 

First impressions purely visual.

The book is available in paperback, has 294 pages, not including the footnotes, the font is eye-friendly (not too big, not too small). As for a paperback book it is quite heavy, but this is probably due to the choice of paper that is more suitable for the photos included in the publication (there are many of them, by the way, which speeds up reading). Aesthetically, the whole thing is coherent and in my opinion cleverly divided, thanks to which it is easy to navigate between subsections and you can read a little from the beginning, a little from the end of the book.

Photo by SylwiaCam

My impressions after reading Kanadiana.

The author presents the image of Canada through her eyes in an accessible way. It is worth reading the book after learning the general history of Canada, which will make it easier for us to locate certain events that the author mentions in time. Of course, this book is by definition not scientific, so it is worth using knowledge from other sources to get a more complete picture of the country. However, it is noteworthy when we have a picture of Canada in our minds – a country of prosperity and the fulfillment of the “American dream”. It is worth confronting this idealized image with a more real vision, a part of which can be seen in this publication.

The author provides us with general information and insights about the people of Canada, through places worth visiting, to valuable tips for traveling in this picturesque country.

My final conclusions.

Is this book worth your attention?

~ Yes. It is easy to read, has a lot of photos that diversify reading, it contains valuable comments from the so-called first hand.

Do I agree with everything I have read in this book?

~ No. However, our observations and feelings are very individual. It all depends on many factors: what kind of people we meet on our way, what time of the year we travel, what our mood is, etc. Our views may also differ and that is why we interpret the world around us differently.

Am I glad that I purchased “Kanadia”?

~ Yes. It’s always good to get to know a place from a different perspective, consult with others, and learn from someone else’s experience.

A word to the author, if she ever happens to read this.

Congratulations on the publication Monika! 

I allow myself to switch to “you” (in Poland we usually use Mrs./ Mr. with people we’re not in close relations with) because we ultimately live in an Americanized world. Or maybe it’s Instagram’s fault that makes us all “friends”.

I wish you more fruitful years in the Land of the Maple Leaf and many wonderful landscapes of Canadian nature.

Written by Sylwia S.

Photo by SylwiaCam

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